Dayton, Ohio wedding photographer and videographer


hiiiiiii, I’m Cate.

What is up, homie! I’m Cate, duhhhh. I’m a destination wedding and elopement photographer chilling in Dayton, Ohio either petting my four cats, watching The Office for the 11th time, or drinking my second iced coffee of the day.

I over use gif’s in emails and texts. I quote the Office way too much and 9/10 WILL use “That’s what she said” when the opportunity presents itself. #sorrynotsorry

I collect enamel pins and have a small stationery company that is about ready for liftoff. I’m obsessed with instant film. I plan at least 2 trips a year because solo traveling is my jammmm.

I got to hire my best friends last year and now get to work along side them, and it is the best thing evvvvva!