hiiiii, I'm Cate

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I am proud of my reputation. I give everything I would love as a client myself. Fun and relaxed shoots, same day sneak peeks to share and get excited over, quick gallery turn arounds, and quick responses. I don't believe in waiting 4-8 weeks for your wedding gallery. To me, it's just not who I am and have changed my workflow to get them to you quicker so you can enjoy them as soon as possible. I enjoy quick responses from others, so I love to give that to my clients, unless it's at 2am haha. 


Do you like The Office? Cats? Coffee? orrrrrr

Making pretty photos and then looking at how good you look in them?




First thing's first, I'm obsessed with The Office. I'm constantly making jokes and references so if you don't get it, don't feel bad and if you do, we are bff's now and you should come over and watch it with me. I have seen it 7 times through. I promise I'm not lame, it's my favorite show to edit to. I'm actually rewatching Season 4 right now. 🤷‍♀️ #sorrynotsorry

Cat lady in the making. My partner and I adopted 3 cats in 3 months, so yeah. Pictured here is Iris. She's my needy cat. There's also Margo and Stuart who are older, so Iris is the bae-be.

99% of the time you'll find me with some sort of coffee drink within arms reach. I was a barista for 6 years, so iced lattes are my jam. I'm a badass mama bear to a two year old, Riley. My Birkenstocks are literally always on my feet but don't worry, I won't wear them to your wedding.   

I will scream "YASSSS!" and *snap snap* at you multiple times during your shoot with me. I seriously get so pumped on the kick ass photos, when you both are looking ah-ma-zing, I seriously can't help it. I love to play music at sessions so you just tell me your favorites and we will have fun. I am all for making others feel relaxed and comfortable in being themselves. I just want to take pictures and have fun. Everyone deserves photos that make them tear up and rush to post on Instagram.

You aren't just a date on my calendar. I am a photographer passionate about giving you an incredible expierence from the time you inqure until you receive your photos.....and beyond.