Unless you have been planning since you were 10 years old and have a “My Dream Wedding” binder jam packed full…we know you may need help figuring out the logistics of your timeline..buuuuut when booking a photographer and/or videographer, the packages are based on hours of coverage.



So what is a timeline?

This word comes up a lot. A timeline is just a schedule for your day. It lets us and everyone in and working during your wedding know what is happening at certain times. It is such an important element!


What is “coverage”?

Coverage is the amount of time you will need us for. It is the time we will be covering / shooting your wedding day. Your wedding day may last 12-14 hours, but you may only need us for 9-10 of those hours.


So, how do I use the coverage calculator?

So we have put the average time it takes us to shoot each part of your day. You will add up your own time using the guide we put together below. For example, if you aren’t having a first look, you wouldn’t use it in your tally. Once you tally up your time, we will chat it up via email to make sure you have the perfect amount of coverage!


Coverage Calculator



40 minutes - 1 hour


This is where I will photograph all your details! Reception set up, bouquet, invitation suite, jewelry, your partners details, and the ceremony site. We also have to be sneaky with your dress and find good lighting without anyone seeing it.

Getting ready

30 minutes each | 1 hour for both

This is the part where I photograph you and your partners portraits separately. If you want coverage of you and your party hanging out and “getting ready” we can add that time in and it is normally 1 hour each or save an hour if you hire my second photographer.

first look

25 minutes

If you are leaning toward a first look, they take about 25 minutes. This gives us time to set you both up, tell you what to do, and let the moment you see each other for the first time unfold organically. I want you to be able to relax and take your time here.

couples portraits

40-60 minutes

If you value couples portraits - WORK IT IN. I can not tell you the amount of my couples who have been so sad that this was the one thing they didn’t make important. When things are running behind, do you know what suffers? Your couples portraits!

10 minutes after family formals just doesn’t work. This might be the only time of the day where it is just you and your lover. You both are dressed up and looking amazing for each other, I promise you will never regret making time for them.


30-60 minutes

You don’t want to be taking family or couples photos when guest arrive. My goal is to get you back to your private space 1 hour before the guest start to arrive. We want to make sure you are relaxed and not rushed your ENTIRE wedding day. What fun is that? We want you to have time to sip some water or bubbly and relax with the ones who have helped you put on this amazing day. This is the time we will be off filming and photographing the reception details and guests arriving .


30-60 minutes

This time is totally dependent on the length of your ceremony of course. I would recommend you add 10 minutes to the ceremony length you have in time. Say you're shooting for a 30 minute ceremony length, note it down for 40 minutes because 90% of the time, you’ll need it!

family formals

30 minutes | 45 for larger families

With other photographers, this part can take up to 1 hour! NOT WITH US. We prep before the wedding with tips to ensure an organized portrait session with your family, we don’t want your cheeks to fall off. When your family is ready and cooperative, we will be finished with family formals in 30-45 min MAX. Some have gone as fast as 20 minutes!

Wedding party portraits

45 minutes

When it comes to wedding party portraits, these are the photos we take: full wedding party, bride + bridesmaids as a group, followed by each bridesmaid with the bride, groom + groomsman, followed by each groomsman with the groom. If everyone is ready on time (we'll tell you when that should be) these will be finished in 45 minutes max! By this time you are probably ready to party!


40 minutes

You gotta eat. We gotta eat. Forty minutes is a good length of time with a 10 minute buffer if food is delayed.


90 minutes - 4 hours

This time is NOT including dinner time. We are not saying this is how long/short your reception will have to be. That is just a good amount of time we need to fully capture the couple & parent dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing, and the open dance floor, have a-couple-drinks-in-your-system kind of dancing. If you are doing an exit that you will want us there for, be sure to pick a collection with enough hours to cover it!