Cate | Lead Photographer

First thing's first, I'm obsessed with The Office. I'm constantly making jokes and references so if you don't get it, don't feel bad and if you do, we are bff's now and you should come over and watch it with me. I have seen it 8….nope 9 times through.

Cat lady in the making. My partner and I adopted 4 cats in 10 months, so yeah. There's Margo who’s basically Queen B, Stuart is the asshole, Iris who is special and sweet, and Rosie is the bae-be.

99% of the time you'll find me with a coffee drink within arms reach. I was a barista for 6 years, so iced lattes are my jam. I'm a badass mama bear to a three year old, Riley. My Birkenstocks are literally always on my feet but don't worry, I won't wear them to your wedding. I mean, unless you say I can.


So basically I love cats, coffee is a food group, and I curse a lot but I’m an angel around grandma on your wedding day.