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2 hours of shooting and exploring. Whatever you want to do and we can fit in 2 hours, WE WILL DO. I will be exploring all week so I am honestly up for anything and anywhere. When filling out the contact form, please write where you want to visit. 



The part you care about....WHAT DO I GET? A healthy gallery. You will get a minimum of 80 photos. That means you can get waaaaay more. The less travel, the more images. You have full print release, so you can print, download, and share as much and long as you like. I may be bringing my videographer along with me, and if I will get a highlight video for free. 



BEST PART. You get your sneak peaks the same day & your gallery in a week or less. I don't want to hold onto them while you anticipate in excitement. I promise you, I am more excited to edit and deliver than you are waiting, so I love to get them to you as quick as I can. 


Who is this for? You and your lover, a portrait session OR elopement/wedding. Plain and simple.


why tho?

Well, you made it...or I found you....and I am so glad. I am planned a last minute trip to Iceland because flights got CHEAP. Seriously on my bucket list and I am stoked to take this trip. What does that mean? That m.png

Elopements & weddings available.

inquire below.

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