2020 Wedding Pricing Guide

prices, FAQ, & add ons subject to change

Don’t see a package that fits you perfectly? We can make a custom one for you!




10 hours of photo coverage

Two Photographers

Engagement Session

Online Gallery of edited photos

Printing Rights





8 hours of photo coverage

Two Photographers

Online Gallery of edited photos

Printing Rights



8 hours of photo coverage

One Photographer

Online Gallery of edited photos

Printing Rights


I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

A $1000 retainer and a signed contract locks in your date. The retainer goes toward your final package cost, of course. You sign the contract digitally. Easy peasy. 

All dates are first come, first serve with retainer paid and contract signed. ✌️ 

Package Breakdown - What do I get? What does it mean?

Coverage- Each package comes with a maximum amount of hours from the time I start shooting until I leave. You can also add on hours if you'd like. 80% of my brides choose 10 hours. 10 hours, normally, is full day’s coverage. We can work together to find a perfect amount of time for you!

Two photographers- The packages that come with two photographers. Myself and another trusted photographer that will shoot and assist me the day of your wedding. Think....more photos and double the angles. I can’t tell you the amount of time I was about to capture the first kiss, an emotional candid moment, or cake cutting and a guest stepped in front of my camera and my second photographer saved the day. 🙌

Online Gallery- You will have your entire wedding gallery on a seperate website to download, view, share, and order prints from for 1 year.

Digital Downloads- Your package includes all non blurry and mid-blinking edited photographs. You do not pay for individual ones; all included. They are high resolution meaning you can order a MASSIVE print or canvas for your wall. 😉

Printing Rights- This means, you can choose to print your photos ANYWHERE. Whether you choose walgreens, walmart, etc or choose to order through your gallery. The printing lab I use personally is the same company that would print them form your gallery. I trust this company because unlike walgreens, walmart, etc...they DON'T color correct and the photo on your screen will match the printed product. 


A La Carte

Additional hours $300/hr

This can be added to any package or if you need fewer than 8 hours, we can create a custom package for you. 

Additional Photographer $500

This can be added to any package.

Engagement, Bridal, OR Boudior session - $350 per session

Mileage add-on

50 cents/mile over 70 miles. 70-100 miles requires a minimum of one nights stay. 100+ miles requires two nights stay. One for the night before and night after.

Night before session- $600

This is an awesome add on for any activity the night before. Some examples have been a bonfire, bbq, rehersal dinner, a night out, etc. This is an awesome chance for me to meet your friends and family and help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Day after session - $600

A day after session is a session that takes place the day after your wedding. It allows time to get those photos together you may want. These types of sessions help you feel not so crunched for time the day of your wedding. You would through your dress and suit back on and head out to a beautiful location and take some unique photos we might have not had time to do the day before.

Can't decide now? No problem. You can add these items on anytime. 

FAQ- Questions asked by past and current brides. 

Do you watermark my photos? HECK NO. I don't watermark my photos at all. Social media, your gallery, sneak peeks, etc. 

Can I print my photos anywhere? YES! Your photos, your choice.

Do I get charged for mileage? If you are in a 70 mile radius, I do not charge for mileage. The price per mile after is in my add ons. 😊

What is a retainer? A retainer is a non-refundable amount that goes toward your package final price. This locks in your date and legally I can not book another wedding on that date. 

How long is an engagement session & how many photos do we get? They are 1.5 hours and you get a 40-50 photos. 

How do I book? It is easier than you think. I will send a contract and invoice digitally and you can sign and pay from your phone or laptop. Piece of cake! 

HOLY CRAP. I can't pay that whole package right now?! No worries! Just like buying a car or house the whole price is s c a r y and daunting  but you only pay a portion. I charge a retainer of $1000 that holds your date and I am all yours! The rest isn't due until 30 days before your wedding day. Simple. 

When do I get my photos? This is something I get excited and proud of. Standard Ohio photographers will make you wait 4-6 weeks, sometimes up to 8 weeks, WHAT NO?! I wouldn’t want to wait that long myself, so I don’t make you. I deliver my wedding galleries 2 weeks after your wedding date. Those 2 weeks after your wedding are the most exciting days. I want you to go on your honeymoon and come back to a KICK ASS gallery. I am very proud of this service I offer. 

Do I HAVE to wait 2 weeks to see a single image? HELLZ NAH! I am wayyyyy too excited, myself, to wait a whole day to start editing. I’ll edit 5-10 photographs that you can wake up to and share (if you want). You will receive the rest 2 weeks after. I GOT YOU. 

How do I get my gallery? It all depends on the package you decide on, but ALL of the packages will receive an online gallery that you can share, download, and order prints from!

Do you offer video for my wedding day? Yes and No. While I only focus on photo, I do have a few videographers I vouch for and will send you their info once you book if you are interested in having video for your day. I RECOMMEND. 😍

Do you do in person meetings? I do! 90% of my brides don’t ask for one. I am very active on my Instagram and Facebook and always a text or message away! I feel my personality shines through my Instagram stories and posts. BUT, if an in-person meeting is something you love I AM DOWN. We can grab a coffee, a craft beer at a local brewery, or some ice cram. Whatever you want to do, I'm there. 


Questions? Ready to book your date? Email me, lets do this.