Q & A


How do I book/contact you? Go to our “inquire" tab above, fill out the inquiry form, and I'll contact back speedy quick with whatever method of communication you like!

Do you have a pricing guide I can see? I do custom proposal/packages for every one of my couples. I found I was constantly tweaking my standard pricing page for each inquiry already. So I use my a la carte pricing and build you three packages that you and your boo can choose from!

So how does a “custom proposal” work? So we chat it up! Either by email or phone and figure out what coverage you need for your day and any add ons. If you don’t know what coverage/hours you need, that is why I am here! I’ve done weddings enough, that I can easily help you find that number out! I then make three packages to choose from. I try to make this easy and also tailored to you and your babes.


What's the process, should we decide to move forward?  I try to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you both. Once we chat it up and if you are ready to book, you sign an agreement/contract and pay your date retainer digitally. All I need is your date and emails to write up the agreement and it is all sent together. When it is time to pay the remaining balance, it will send you a reminder or you can set up autopay. Then, wedding day comes….YAY… you wait 4 weeks and you get your gallery and photos. ✨

What if I am not paying for my retainer/wedding package? If a family or friend is “gifting” you by paying for your photo/video coverage, no problem! Because you both are my client you will have to sign and “pay”. They can either gift you the money or you can use their form of payment when paying. They will not be added to the agreement or payment.


Do I have to pay the whole thing when I book my date? Just like buying a car or house the whole price is s c a r y and daunting  but you only pay a portion. I charge a retainer of $1200 that holds your date and I am all yours! The rest isn't due until two (2) weeks before your wedding day. I also have payment plans. Whatever is easiest for you. Simple. 



Have you ever shot at our venue before? Does that make a difference? Weither I have shot at your venue or not, it will never hinder the way I capture your day. I ALWAYS scout your venue before your wedding day to find the best spots for your family & wedding party formals, couples photos, and angles for the rest of your timeline. If you are a destination wedding client, I fly/drive out 1-2 before hand and scout your location(s) too. I got you! 


When do I get my photos? This is something I get excited and proud of. Standard Ohio photographers will make you wait 6-8 weeks, sometimes up to 12 weeks, WHAT NO?! I wouldn’t want to wait that long myself, so I don’t make you. I deliver my wedding galleries within 4 weeks after your wedding date. The month after your wedding are the most exciting days. I want you to go on your honeymoon and come back to a KICK ASS gallery. I am very proud of this service I offer. 


Do I HAVE to wait 4 weeks to see a single image? HELLZ NAH! I am wayyyyy too excited, myself, to wait a whole day to start editing. I’ll edit 15-20 photographs that you will get the day after! You can share them, or not. You will receive the rest 4 weeks from your wedding day. 


How do I get my gallery? All wedding packages come with an online private gallery that stays online for 1 year. You can download, share, and buy prints from your online gallery. 


What if I don't want my photos shared on your website/social media? Just like you have looked at reviews and past galleries before considering me, this is how I grow my business and market myself to book more. If this is a concern, please bring this to my attention in your inquiry.



Do you offer video for my wedding day? Yes! While I, Cate, only focus on photo, I do have a videographer who has limited availability just like my photo packages. Just because I am available for photo for your day, doesn't mean my videographer, Will, will have the same date available. Reach out in your inquiry form and let me know!


Do you do in person meetings? I keep them limited. Between my engagement shoots, weddings, and daughter, I am only available local and on weekdays. I am however available for Skype/Facetime. I do these a lot. I am also, very active on my Instagram and Facebook and always a text or message away!

So you are a team. Who shoots what? Myself, Cate, am the sole photographer and shoots every wedding. I am your main gal. IF you book a videographer, that is where Will comes in! When you book two photographers/second shooter, that is where Rachael comes in!