“We met up with Cate at 5.30am to start our session with a beautiful sunrise at Coney Island. After that we basically moved around through some of New York's most photogenic places. Although it was a 100 degrees, she was unstoppable! Cate is not only a highly talented and maybe even under appreciated photographer, she also is the funniest and biggest sweetheart in the world.”

-Ritchie & Heidi | Amsterdam, Netherlands


“She allowed my fiancé and I to be ourselves and she positioned herself to get the perfect shot. We didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward (as some pictures can be) it was natural and beautiful.”

- Christian & Nicole | Tipp City, Ohio 


“Cate was at the location scoping out the area when we arrived for our session. She was so friendly and personable that we were immediately at ease. She was constantly aware of our surroundings and lighting. She has the ability to scope out the best shots while catching all the candid moments in between.”

-Megan & Dan

“Cate is just..... PERFECT. She’s talented and has a great eye but her personality, professionalism, and work ethic are what really set her apart. Most photographers have passion but many can’t express and translate that passion as well as Cate. I cannot recommend her enough.”


“She has an eye for capturing the most perfect moments that really describe each couple. Not to mention, she has the awesome timeline that she'll send to your email for those brides who just don't know where to go next (like me). Just HAVE HER TAKE ALL OF YOUR PICTURES, okay?!”

“Cate has been a dream to work with. She makes every step of the way as easy and comfortable as possible. My other half and I are not typically comfortable in front of a camera, but she put us completely at ease and our pictures speak for themselves. She caught who we are on film and I couldn't be more grateful.”