we look out for candids

We are always on our toes. Photo’s like these are the moments you wouldn’t see. As the guests arrived at Bailey and Tyler’s wedding, the brides mother planted a quick kiss on Bailey’s grandfather’s cheek.


we see the little things

We make sure to capture all the little things not because of the money spent on them but because you brought them into your wedding day for a reason. They mean something to you.


we want to get all da feels

Some moments you HAVE to sit back, be quiet, and let unfold. Bailey’s cousin, Olivia, gifted her a family heirloom and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room….including me.


the party don’t stop.

If you have us there when things start to get interesting….about 1.5 hours after dinner haha…we want to record you getting down with your boo thang. We also get these epic photos like the brides dad and grandma getting it on the dance floor while the brides mom and aunt laugh and dance behind them.


we are “one of the guys”

My favorite part of the “getting ready” part of the day is when everyone is chilling and waiting for the ceremony to begin. I get to chill out with everyone and just take photos of you hanging out with your best friends. This groom in this photo handed me a beer on the patio in Avon, Denver and said , “here, drink a beer and hang out with us.” No arguments.


we are flies on the wall

We can be out in the open but we love to sit back and observe. We were hanging back in the bridal suite while the bridesmaids chatted, laughed, joked, and finished some last minute things.


we are committed to THE shot

Hey! That’s me, Cate! I wanted to get in the sparkler exit action and get THE end of the night shot for Makenzie and Dustin. I might have had a few sparks fly on me and a few close calls with a sparkler to hair, but it was worth it. I got that shot.


family is important too

If you are having a wedding vs an elopement, family being present is important for your day. Either way, IT IS YOUR DAY. Buuuut, most couples want their family to have just as much fun as they are planning to have themselves. We capture the fun, hugs, tears, dancing, and everything in between.


burning the midnight oil

If you’ll have us, we will be partying with you until the party ends. Send off or not, we got you. Tyler and Bailey had an awesome sparkler exit.


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